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Your donation to the MFP makes our work possible! 

There are two easy ways to donate: send a check or click on the button above to donate online through our partner, Network for Good.  Your donations make our work possible, and we are very thankful for your support.  Read below for more information on how to give. 


The Meridian Freedom Project is a nonprofit operating under the care of The Montgomery Institute, a 501(c)3 organization.  To learn more about the Montgomery Institute and its community-building activities, please click below. 

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Send a Check

Keep our postal carriers busy!  Mail your gift to us, and we’ll take it straight to the bank.  Make your check payable to the Meridian Freedom Project, and address the envelope to

The Meridian Freedom Project

PO Box 1889

Meridian, MS 39302


Donate online through Network for Good:  Click on the button above!

Our sister site in Sunflower has used Network for Good for years. Network for Good allows you to make a one-time gift using your credit card, but it also gives you the opportunity to make automatic monthly or quarterly gifts.

Whether you give online or by check, and even when you hand us cash the next time you see us on the street, your gift to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is tax-deductible. We will provide you with a receipt for your records when you send us a gift.


A Note About Fundraising Costs:

We are always working hard to make sure the money we raise benefits our students. We keep the administrative portion of our budget lean, but we can only help kids improve their literacy skills when we’ve paid the light bill so they can see to read. So, while a few cents of each dollar you give may go to expenses, please keep in mind that paying those bills keeps our doors open, so 100% of your gift truly does support our work.


When you mail us a check, the cost to us is the time it takes us to record, deposit, and track your gift. When you give online, your money goes directly into our bank account, while a small percentage covers the cost of allowing us to use these industry-leading, Better Business Bureau-approved tools that guarantee secure technology for processing your gift.


Whichever method you pick, please know that the benefit to our mission, our programs, and our kids far outweighs the very reasonable costs associated with them. We thank you so much for your support!